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don't mean to flood your inbox, but what are your opinions about people who get tattoos that are tributes to their favorite bands? Is there a way to do something like that without being horribly tacky or obvious? thoughts?

I wrote about this once already here, but let’s give it another go. Like all fandom tattoos, band tattoos are easy to cop out on because there’s already a lot of visual stuff to rip off—but there’s also a lot of ways to make a really original, meaningful piece.

Let’s talk about AFI because I’ve seen a crapton of tattoos dedicated to them and most of them suck. You can really see the quality of difference here:

Shitty logo tattoo

Shitty logo tattoo

The shittiest of shitty logo tattoos

Bringing album art to a good tattooist? Not the most original solution, but you can see the difference in quality already.

Some more nice re-rendering of album art. Again, not the most original, but light years ahead of a boring ass logo.

Awesome, original piece inspired by a song that obviously meant a lot to that person.

See how cool and original this can be?

And this one is obscure as shit, but speaks to a love of hardcore in general.

MORAL: If a band or song or musician means a lot to you, show it by putting time and thought and love into that tattoo.┬áDon’t just slap their symbol on you.

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What do you think about band tattoos?

To each their own. Get something like their logo or signatures and it’s just boring. At one point when I was barely 18 I considered getting a Tiger Army tattoo, so they’re my example.

You could get something that looks xeroxed like:

Or something custom designed like:

And this is now officially a Nick13 appreciation post, who I think is still swag as hell:

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