Help Critink Win Best Local Blogger!

Hey guys! I’m from Hartford and the big alternative magazine down here does a yearly poll of everything Connecticut. It would be really, really awesome to win the best blogger one since, if I can attract more local attention, I can have more resources at hand to make a better blog!

I win, you win, everyone wins!

Here’s how you can help vote for critink in 30 seconds:

  1. [Clicky here]
  2. "Sign in" to vote. Leave the city blank.
  3. Under the categories, click media and education”
  4. Under “local blogger” click critink!
  5. Scroll down, click “submit and continue”
  6. You need to vote in 9 other categories. You can go vote at random or, if you go under arts, just enter the following in order to help some other great local artists! Real Art Ways, New Britain Museum of American Art, Charter Oak Cultural Center, New Britain Museum of American Art, Trinity College, Funny Bone, Playhouse on Park, La Paloma Sabanera, Jorgenson Center, (skip exhibit), New Britain Museum of American Art, (skip opening reception), La Paloma Sabanera, (skip the last three).
  7. Go down and hit finalize ballot!

If I win I will do a give away, or make you guys a video, or let you vote on some cool present I’ll get everyone. I promise!!!

I’ve put hours and hours into this blog and never asked for anything back until now :) Pretty please Tumblr!?

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    Guys, help her out. She runs a kickass blog and if you’re an ink freak and not yet following her, you’re just wrong.
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    My old bff from waaaaay back in middle school runs a sick-ass tattoo critique blog, and she could really use the extra...
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