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In reference to your recent post of the Artist posting pictures of the "Artists Never Say Die" tattoo online, may I ask why others copying tattoos is such a big deal? I not criticizing your criticism, just curious as to your thought process. Because how I see it is, if someone wants to copy a tattoo, however tacky and boring it is, that's simply their prerogative, right? If you explain this in more depth, I'd greatly appreciate it.

It’s just disrespectful to the person wearing it. I’m going to write from my personal experience since there’s not much of a scientific or historic explination.

I have tattoos in part because I want unique skin. I love the overall asthetics of tattoos and I love being a “tattooed person” because I love the collective experience we share. But I want my tattoos to be my own—an extension of me and part of my body. I want them to be unique. This is a big reason I don’t post my tattoos online.

If you don’t mind having the same tattoo as one or twenty other people, then get a piece of flash off the wall. Don’t steal someone else’s unique piece. You look like a poser.

FYeahTattoos deletes images submitted to them that are confirmed rip-offs, and no good artist will xerox another tattoo onto your skin. So this is my personal experience, but absolutely part of a larger belief.

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