I’ve seen this photo at least two dozen times tattooed on different people, and every single tattoo artist has taken personal credit for it.

The original illustrator is can be found here and is pretty genius. The concept is so cool, but I just don’t know why people would want the same tattoo as so many other people…

What do you think? Say you found something popular online that you really, really wanted as a tattoo. Would you get the same piece as other people, or have your artist draw you up something new and different?

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    I’m glad someone said this. Hey guys! If you like an artist’s original work, and they are NOT a tattooer, either: A....
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  4. girlwiththethirdeye answered: I’d use it as a base idea and then twist it to form something that COULD be similar or it could be entirely different.
  5. kaikaikay answered: I would definitely work with the artist to try to make it unique. For me, tattoos tell a story, and mine isn’t the same as anyone else’s.
  6. lilluka answered: I was going to get a tattoo of a zombie Ariel that I found online, but decided against it for that very reason, it’s not original.
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  8. animatorlex answered: I found an artist I LOVE, so I commissioned her to design something just for me. I would rather have something original.
  9. agutogrowsinbrooklyn answered: Depends on the piece. If I like the concept then I’d have the artist run with it. If the art really REALLY hit me then I’d get a copy.
  10. littleboo2002 answered: Same issue I have with my idea for a Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo, its so over done&makes me sad, I dont want a tattoo everyone else has
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  15. sunnyotakuu answered: I would have my artist draw something new and different. I want something unique, not some carbon copy.
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  19. thatscats answered: i used to really want a tim shumate tattoo. but i feel like too many people have them now, especially this one.
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