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Please do not ask me something about planning your individual tattoo. ”Should I place my tattoo on my shoulder or foot?” “Do you think it would look better like this, or like this?” I’m here to teach everyone how to answer your own tattoo questions—not do your homework for you. Ask questions that could benefit a lot of people!

I can’t recommend you an artist in your area, or critique an artist you’re considering. Again, I’m only one person and I just get too many questions to do this. Check out [my pinterest board] to see some of my personal favorites.

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Lastly, it might a few days for me to answer your question, due to high volume. But as long as you follow these guidelines I will try very hard to answer you eventually.


Feel free to submit the good, the bad, and anything in between (including stuff you don’t know where it ranks!)

High quality tattoos only—no filters! This includes **no Instagram or Mac Photobooth**! You can’t see a lot of important details which means I can’t talk about it.

Tattoos only. Do not submit photos of images you *want* to get tattooed on you or other random things. Scroll down to see other ways to send me stuff (ask, fanmail, etc)

I do not do private critiques. I just don’t have the time. The only exceptions with this are if your tattoo involves a story of sexual assault, self harm, abuse, etc. In my opinion, tattoos can help greatly in recovery and try to respect this.

Please do not resubmit or ask when you’ll see your tattoo posted. My queue has about a week, but I post everything I get. If I can’t for some reason, I will contact you. If you miss it, check the #critiques gallery on my blog page and scroll through.

Please only submit tattoos on your own body or a friend’s body with their permission. Strangers may not want people discussing their tattoos like this, and I try to respect that.

Your submission will be very public and almost as permanent as your tattoo. If you don’t want me to critique your stuff and you’re just submitting for a follower boost or something, don’t get offended.

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